Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't Throw out those old greeting cards! I can make something from them....

This type of thing is said often at my house to eye rolls and other "she is crazy" gestures. You get use to it after a while. One of my favorite things to craft with though is old greeting cards. You can make so many things from them....Ornaments, gift tags, gift boxes and more. Here I have made some gift boxes and tags. To make the boxes first separate the back from the front with a straight edge and a craft knife. then make the back about 1/4 inch smaller than the front. Mark all edges of the front and back at about one inch in from each edge and fold up. Using your straight edge and craft knife each short end....cut from the fold line one inch in to the fold line across the entire short this at all four corners...on both short this to both pieces of the card. Now to assemble. Glue your folded tabs to the inside of the side of the short end on all four side of the top and bottom. Decorate the top with bows, ribbon, glitter, crystals or whatever is in your stash. Now you have a cute gift box for that gift card or jewelry.

The gift tags are even easier. use cards with cute designs on the front. Cut off the front and discard the back. You can add a sentiment using rubber stamps to the front. Punch a hole in the top for string. Rubber stamp on the back To and From. using glue and glitter ...decorate the edges.....or you could ink the edges. If the card is made of slick paper use permanent ink. Add ribbon or string to the top and you are done. You could do a bunch of these ahead of time and have them ready for the holidays. Or you could box a selection of them to give as a gift.

Here are some more web sites with crafts using old cards. What have you made with them?

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Odd Chick said...

I love using old cards! I make tags for all my Chrstmas gifts out of last year's Christmas cards.